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General Manager



  1. Ensure that the following five kitchen goals are achieved:
    1. Food & Employee Safety
    2. Food Quality
    3. Food Consistency
    4. Personal & Food Quality Improvement
    5. Employee Training and Staff Development
  2. Manage staff and day to day operations in the kitchen
  3. Be involved and contribute during weekly kitchen/FOH management team meetings



  1. Execute Lost Province Brewing Company’s mission to make and serve the highest quality food by
    1. Serving our guests fresh and vibrant food as quickly as possible.
    2. Incorporating the beer we brew in many of our dishes in novel and creative ways.
    3. Cooking with wood fire directly in the wood fired oven.
    4. Using local and organic ingredients in our food wherever possible.
  2. Stay informed of culinary trends and techniques that apply to Lost Province Brewing Company’s Mission and Vision.
  3. Work with the Assistant Kitchen Managers to develop food specials, including soups, appetizers, entrees and desserts, and food for special events.
  4. Maintain a current and organized recipe book, updating recipes as needed.
  5. Develop and maintain plating guides, tolerance guides, pizza topping guides, prep lists, and station set-up/break down checklists



  1. Ensure that the kitchen is clean, sanitary, and safe at all times.
  2. Stay current on changes to the North Carolina Food Code
  3. Maintain an active ServSafe Manager Certificate
  4. Set the example for safe food handling procedures
  5. Ensure that proper Clean in Place and Sanitation Practices are followed
  6. Instruct employees in safe kitchen equipment operation
  7. Keep walk-ways clear of trash & debris
  8. Make sure floor is kept clean and dry and that wet floor safety signs are posted as needed
  9. Keep abreast of current promotions, daily specials, and upcoming events
  10. Communicate with the General Manager and Front of House Manager regarding:
    1. Ticket Times
    2. Low Count & 86’d items
    3. Kitchen and Server Comps
    4. Large Parties/Events & Staging of Large Tickets
  11. Assist with FOH Pre-Shifts as needed
  12. Address or report any maintenance issues to the General Manager
  13. Assist in and supervise the opening and/or closing of the kitchen
  14. Work with the assistant kitchen managers on assigning stations to BOH staff
  15. Maintain personal knowledge by completing in-house trainings and readings.
  16. Adhere to and enforce all company policies and procedures including:
    1. Smoke breaks
    2. Personal grooming and hygiene standards
    3. Cell phone use
  17. Be involved and contribute during weekly kitchen management team meetings
  18. Perform daily line checks prior to service and at shift changes
  19. Pre-shift with the kitchen staff daily regarding:
    1. Health & Safety Notes
    2. Menu Changes
    3. Large Parties and Upcoming Events
  20. Ensure that all items on the weekly and monthly cleaning schedule are completed on the indicated day
  21. Inspect each station at shift change/close



  1. Maintain an active ServSafe Manager Certificate.
  2. Ensure that the kitchen is clean, sanitary, and safe at all times.
  3. Set the example and enforce safe food handling procedures, clean in place procedures and sanitation practices.
  4. Reduce risk of cross contamination by enforcing the proper stacking and rotation of foods in the walk-in refrigerator, changing of cutting boards and knives between different prep tasks, and the use of utensils, tongs and portion devices
  5. Keep walk-ways clear of cardboard, food waste, trash & debris, and that wet floor safety signs are posted as needed
  6. Train employees on safe food handling for allergens and ensure necessary precautions are taken.
  7. Perform daily line checks and date-marking checks prior to service and at shift change



  1. Ensure that food is prepared, cooked and presented quickly and efficiently and to the highest standards of quality.
  2. Expedite food and ensure that all food leaving the kitchen meets or exceeds standards for:
    1. Quality
    2. Consistency
    3. Presentation, Plating & Aesthetics
  1. Ensure the make lines are set up with tongs, utensils, portion control utensils



  1. Develop and maintain training guides, training checklist, and BOH staff pay adjustments
  2. The Back of House Manager is responsible for the direct supervision of all kitchen staff, including the Assistant Kitchen Manager(s).
  3. Assist the General Manager with Hiring, Reviews, Evaluations, Promotions, Disciplinary Actions and Termination of employees.
  4. Supervise, train and motivate BOH staff, with the goal of delivering the highest quality food to our customers as quickly as possible.
  5. Train BOH staff to meet training standards for each position in the kitchen.
  6. Praise and Document employee work performance that goes above and beyond job expectations and any employee with a great attitude and strong work ethic.
  7. For minor work performance issues, address the concern with the employee in private, away from other employees. and document.
  8. For larger work performance issues or for recurring minor work performance issues document the incident and notify the General Manager along with a recommendation for any disciplinary actions up to and including termination.
  9. For non-work-performance issues (i.e. attitude, personality conflict, etc.), please document and notify the General Manager.
  10. Schedule and reduce staff hours appropriately to help meet target labor budgets
  11. Manage employee call-outs, and take appropriate action to ensure sufficient staff coverage.



  1. Order food using specified food ordering system.
  1. Inventory food and non-food items using specified inventory software.
  2. Maintain accurate food waste/spill logs, and enter waste into specified software.



  1. Work with HR administrator to ensure all new hires have all paperwork complete
  2. In general, spend no more than 8 hours per week on administrative tasks.
  3. Maintain daily sanitation concentration and refrigeration temperature logs.
  4. Document any equipment failures or problems, and notify the General Manager
  5. Track employee training and skill proficiency and make base pay rate adjustments accordingly
  6. Complete staff evaluation forms at employees 60 day and 1 year evaluation periods
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